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A Taste of Norway

The apple juice.


Refining nature’s fruits into sweetness and bubbles Come May in Norway, a lush green landscape springs from hibernation. Across the country, white and pink apple flowers pop into full bloom. At Lien Gård, these exact apple flowers will ripen to sparkling, crisp cider.

the starting point to realise their entrepreneurial ambitions.

By Åsa H. Aaberge

When the first of their self-planted apple trees and berry bushes bore fruits, the couple started experimenting with pressing juices. Since 2017, the Lien farm has distributed self-made products to regional supermarkets, cafés and restaurants. Their current repertoire includes jams, juice, cider and honey – all made at the farm solely out of natural ingredients. Soil, sun and some tiny, flying helpers contribute to a unique flavour and quality. Hundreds of thousands of bees are currently divided into 20 hives at the farm, making delicious honey.


Photos: Even Lundefaret

When Linda Renate Hellekås took over her great uncle’s small farm in 2004, it was not with a dream of becoming a farmer. Yet, some 18 years on, Hellekås and her husband, Arild, run a successful fruit farm specialising in homemade products from self-grown produce. Lien Gård (Lien farm) lies in the heart of Telemark, an area of Norway renowned for its prime fruit-growing conditions and traditions. In Hellekås’ ownership, the farm has evolved into an oasis for fresh 102


Issue 142


May 2022

and crisp apples, sun-ripened berries and the sweetest honey. “We bought the farm to live here – not to farm it. We had full-time jobs but also wanted to take care of the farmland. We planted new rows of apple trees, raspberry and gooseberry bushes – and from there on, it all just evolved,” says Hellekås. She and her husband shared a dream of starting something of their own. It came naturally that the farm became

Jams, juice, cider and honey