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A Taste of Sweden

A retro kitchen classic that meets modern needs “I think what’s fascinating is that our product is over 80 years old, and yet it continues to meet the challenges of baking in the best way possible,” says Marcus Grimerö. He is the CEO of Ankarsrum, the company that makes and markets the award-winning Assistent Original® kitchen assistant, a multi-functional stand mixer that helps with everything from making bread, pasta and ice cream to mincing meat or mixing smoothies. By Linnea Dunne

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With roots in a 1937 redesign of a bulky professional-use baking machine, Assistent Original® has been a muchloved modern classic for a long time. An increased focus on export markets over the past few years was helped by a widespread baking trend and an uptick in people wanting to learn more about cooking from scratch. Then 2020 came and brought with it an unexpected turn of events. A true original for the perfect dough The pandemic created plenty of challenges with regards to logistics and 52 |

Issue 139


February 2022

production, says Grimerö. “Every day has been a new challenge. You’d plan for tomorrow, and then tomorrow would come with new restrictions impacting the entire production flow.” But the food and home-baking trend that had already started just grew stronger by the day. “Things like sourdough, which was already huge, requires regular attention, and as people were spending more time at home it meant that these interests deepened,” says the CEO. “People were making their own pizza, and suddenly it became important to understand exactly how to make the perfect pizza dough.

You could say there was an element of perfectionism about it.” When it comes to working dough, and indeed many other tasks, Assistent Original® is perfectly unique. While most modern stand mixers have an arm with a whisk in the overhang, Ankarsrum’s classic has a rotating bowl with the motor and gearbox in the base, making it exceptionally strong and stable. “Instead of whisking the dough, the gluten strands are being pulled, which works the dough in a completely different way.” Exactly how to work the gluten perfectly depends on a number of factors – like the type of flour, the amount of flour and the amount of liquid. Add to that the wide range of new culinary traditions that comes with international export, and Ankarsrum found itself facing what Grimerö describes as a real communications challenge. “Pandemic or no