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Don’t eat a Swede, but please produce like one By the year 2050, the UN forecasts that the global population will be almost ten billion. That’s two billion more mouths to feed than today. Already, global food production has a large negative impact on both the climate and the environment. So, is it even possible to feed ten billion people without wrecking the planet? Can we drastically increase the production of food while at the same time making the shift to sustainable food production? By Björn Hellman, CEO of the Swedish Food Federation

If you ask us, the Swedish food industry, the answer is a resounding yes. Are we completely sustainable? No, not yet. But we’re getting there, and fast. We already produce high-quality food and drink in ways that minimise our negative impact on the climate and the environment. 46 |

Issue 139


February 2022

We believe that, just like food, knowledge is best when shared with others. That’s why we recently launched a global campaign called ‘Eat a Swede’. The centrepiece of the campaign is a short film about a Swedish scientist who wants to produce and sell lab-grown human meat. Is this

for real, you ask? Well, you can find out for yourself by going to The purpose of the campaign is to share with the world how Swedish food producers are working to make the shift to sustainable production. And we are happy to share, because our ‘secret’ recipe really isn’t a secret at all; it’s equal parts innovation, technology, research, cooperation and old-fashioned hard work. It can be copied, and we hope it will be. The shift can be made. How do I know? Because the Swedish food industry is shifting right now. Yes, we definitely need