Scan Magazine, Issue 138, January 2022

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Evening in the guest harbour. Photo: John Persson

New paths uncovering hidden gems There’s something brewing in the small town of Kristinehamn. Idyllically located in Värmland, next to the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, it is gearing up for an exciting new year. Activities are set to be boosted with new and exciting trails, where unique nature combined with local culture is destined to create an unforgettable fusion of enchanting experiences, perfect for locals and tourists alike.

long hikes and picturesque cycling trips. Five mountain bike trails, quality checked by Biking Värmland, serve as supplement for those who prefer a speedy challenge.

By Nina Bressler

The proximity to Vänern creates an environment rarely found anywhere else. With spectacular sunsets dropping behind the horizon in the west, it’s easy to think that you’re standing in front of a vast ocean, rather than an inland lake.

The news is out: the Vänern cycling trail is officially here. A 630-kilometre-long trail that stretches all the way around the lake will open its doors to visitors who want to experience a unique environment with the best views. “We are so excited that we can finally announce that the Vänern cycling trail will open in 2022. This has been in the works for a long time, and it’s been a passion project for everyone involved. Not only does the trail provide beautiful views of the lake, but it will also open up for the exploration of places off the beaten path – 62  |  Issue 138  |  January 2022

previously hard to reach, but now restored back into a greater context. It will provide an incredible cycling and hiking experience, and we can’t wait to see what it will bring to the area,” says Ulrika Ganterud Evermark, head of tourism for Kristinehamn municipality. The trail is divided into four parts, and along the way there will be cafés, swimming spots and a range of destinations brimming with history – equally exciting for local inhabitants as for visitors from afar. The Vänern trail will be an addition to the numerous existing trails, perfect for

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Fine dining at Ölme Prästgård.  Photo: Ölme Prästgård