Scan Magazine, Issue 137, December 2021

Page 84

Photo: Per Magne Drotninghaug

Summits and saunas in the hidden fjord Enjoy exciting adventures and luxurious comfort in one sustainable package Norway is a country full of hikes, experiences and adventures waiting to happen, many of which are often off the beaten track. To help make them more accessible, companies Ræin and Kilsti have teamed up, offering nature experiences and accommodation in one package. By Alyssa Nilsen

Some of the more popular hiking destinations in Norway can prove a challenge for anyone craving nature experiences without the crowds and busy paths of the iconic viewpoints. Luckily, there are still plenty of serene and beautiful locations to explore. One of them is located midway between Ålesund and Geiranger. Local outdoor adventure company Ræin AS specialises in bringing people richer experiences in the Norwegian wilderness. Not only do they offer year-round guided trips, hikes and educational courses, but they do so with sustainability, cultural heritage and preservation in mind. 84  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

“We focus on arranging trips to the less known peaks and trails in the mountains and fjords of Sunnmøre,” says Ræin founder and CEO, Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle. “This eases the strain on nature

Photo: Niels Haatuft

but also gives people the local nature experiences they crave. The iconic places you see on social media are facilitated to make them easy to reach, which ruins the natural beauty of nature and culture. The less famous and less known places can make for a much greater holistic adventure, and an equally breathtaking one.” Rather than taking out big groups of people, Ræin limits the number of participants. This lessens the strain on the environment while strengthening the experience and the communication between guests and guides. Collaborations with the local communities, sustainability and active dissemination ensure that tourism doesn’t negatively impact the communities, nature, wildlife or climate. The limited number of participants also allows adjusting each trip to the group’s wishes, adding experiences or ele-