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Scan Magazine  |  Special Theme  |  The Best Winter Experiences in Norway

Winter adventures in the south of Norway With its warmer climate and wealth of sunny activities, the southernmost region of Norway, Sørlandet, is popularly thought of as a summer holiday destination. But the region’s mountainous areas and coast alike have several wintery destinations worth visiting, and Visit Sørlandet is keen to make sure they’re not overshadowed, pointing to both the excellent skiing facilities and the picturesque, white-painted seaside villages that twinkle throughout the darker months. By Lise Lærdal Bryn

The first things that come to mind when people think of Norway are often skiing and snow, and the mountainous Sørlandet has no shortage of alpine activities on offer. “What really sets Norway apart from its Nordic neighbours and the Alps is the combination product of alpine and cross-country skiing,” says Mona Konuralp, strategic project manager at Visit Sørlandet. The southern region fea-

tures some of the best cross-country skiing tracks in the country, with a distinguishing feature of being up high in the mountains. A winter playground

able vistas at the summits, strap on a pair of snowshoes for a day’s snowy hike – or ‘topptur’, as it’s called in Norwegian. And of course, there are the lifts at the ski resorts in Sirdal and Setesdal, with Setesdal’s idyllic Hovden as the crown jewel.

There are miles upon miles of snowcovered peaks to explore beyond the prepared path. If skiing isn’t your forte but you’d still like to experience the remark-

Hovden Ski Resort is not only an excellent ski destination for adults, but it is renowned for its suitability for families with

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