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Photo: David Kahr

Art Profile of the Month, Denmark

A great collection returns to a greener Nivaagaard In the past year, the historic buildings that house Nivaagaards Malerisamling (The Nivaagaard Collection) in Northern Zealand have undergone extensive, climatefriendly renovations. Now, the museum is ready to welcome back visitors to “an absolutely incredible programme for 2022”, according to the museum’s director, Andrea Rygg Karberg.

ral light. Geothermal energy is now the main power source for the museum and harmful UV-rays are blocked out by speciality glass, which also allows for control over the indoor temperature.

By Miriam Gradel  |  Photos: Nivaagaards Malerisamling

A great number of paintings have also undergone renovation, while the remainder of the collection was sent abroad. According to Karberg, “the fact that you are able to experience some of the best art from the past 500 years within a small and intimate space is what makes Nivaagaard so special.”

Spanning 500 years of art history, from the Italian Renaissance to the Danish Golden Age, and seasonal exhibitions from modern and contemporary artists, The Nivaagaard Collection is quite possibly Denmark’s best-kept art secret. Over the years, the collection has expanded vastly, containing pieces from famous artists such as Rembrandt, Giovanni Bellini and P. C. Skovgaard. And this coming January, visitors will be delighted to experience the genius of Danish painter Wilhelm Marstrand in some of his most 140  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

admired works on display at the Nivaagaard museum. A new and greener museum experience Thanks to funding from some of Denmark’s biggest funds, Nivaagaard has been able to fulfil a long-time dream for the renovation of the museum. Focusing on the visitor experience, new skylight windows have been installed in all the exhibition halls, allowing for the optimal enjoyment of world-class art in a natu-

The Danish Golden Age – A Paradox Visitors to the museum will be particularly delighted to experience the extensive collection of paintings from the Danish Golden Age, which has spent the past year on display in the Netherlands