Scan Magazine, Issue 137, December 2021

Page 108


D DS N A lT L LAN ia N c S e EE E I Sp R O G R IT FA S VI HE T D N A m he

The future of business in Greenland is now Grønlands Erhverv (GE), or Greenland Business Association, is at the forefront of business in the country, taking care of corporate interests and developing the corporate climate. In May next year, they will host Greenland’s largest business conference in order to set the agenda for the future of the nation. By Nicolai Lisberg

“If we arrive on time, we are five minutes late!” These words belong to Christian Keldsen, CEO of Greenland Business Association, and they have become the mantra of how the organisation is trying to shake things up in Greenland in order to develop and improve the corporate climate. 108  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

“The challenge in Greenland is that we are very good at doing what we’ve always done, but we are trying to challenge that agenda. We have to be more effective and bring in new technologies and new industries. We need to work more closely with research and science, and we need to make sure that our politicians have the

best possible framework for helping our industries,” says Keldsen. It is not enough to just be part of the development for Greenland Business Association. They want to set the actual agenda for what direction Greenland needs to move in, which is why, every