Scan Magazine, Issue 135, April-May 2020

Page 26

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Ten unmistakably Nordic fashion statements Scandinavians have a reputation for being effortlessly stylish and cool. But what are the secrets behind the Nordic look, and how can you spot a Scandinavian on the streets from miles away? We share the insider’s key secrets. By Linnea Dunne

1. Functionalism If you only learn one thing about  Scandinavian fashion, let it be this: if it’s not practical, it’s pointless. This theme runs through the entirety of the  Scandinavian design heritage, from the sleek but sturdy 1960s teak furniture to the durable outerwear and sustainable wool under-garments so disproportionately popular among Scandinavians. Start by making sure that you’ve got sensible shoes you can comfortably walk far in and a good raincoat for when it inevitably gets wet, and you’ll figure out the rest as you go. Just remember: there’s no bad weather – only bad clothes.

Photo: Amanda Westerbom,

2. The Kånken backpack This Fjällräven classic is loved by everyone from school kids and teens to mature fashionistas, and it embodies that  functionalist-centric approach to fashion that’s at the very heart of Scandinavian design. Go bold and political with the rainbow version or back to nature with the classic forest green. Whichever one you choose, you simply can’t go wrong – and you’ll be in with the Nordic crowd in no time. 26  |  Issue 135  |  April/May 2020