Scan Magazine, Issue 135, April-May 2020

Page 16

Sweet dreams with fluffy clouds Born out of a desire to get a good night’s sleep, new Swedish brand Happy Fluffy Cloud provides duvets that feel softer and fluffier than you could imagine – reminiscent of traditional down duvets in the Alps, like a warm hug easing you into a comfortable and dreamy night. By Malin Norman  |  Photos: Happy Fluffy Cloud

Behind Stockholm-based Happy Fluffy Cloud is daydreaming trio Stina Barkow, Anna Röstlund and Philip Björkqvist. “Between us, and based on our different personal experiences, we were talking a lot about the importance of sleep,” says Barkow. “Even though people have different sleep cycles, most of us long for a good night’s sleep. Our vision was to be able to fall asleep comfortably warm and tucked in like a child.” The trio were dreaming of a fluffy duvet, a cloud to embrace you in a big hug when going to bed. At the time, Sweden 16  |  Issue 135  |  April/May 2020

did not have the pillow-like duvets without channel seams that they were looking for. Instead, they searched abroad and eventually found what they were looking for in the Alps: the much-loved traditional duvets with fantastic qualities that then became the inspiration for Happy Fluffy Cloud.

High-quality goose down Down is nature’s way of keeping ducks and geese warm, like a thermal insulator and padding. The loose structure of down feathers traps air, which helps to insulate the birds against heat loss. Goose down

is often chosen for its warmth, softness, resilience and insulating properties and is popular in, for example, jackets, sleeping bags, pillows and, of course, duvets. “Down is an incredible insulation material that also breathes and transports away moisture,” Barkow explains. “A high-quality duvet will keep warm during cold nights without losing that lovely,  soft feeling.” The trio learnt about the traditional duvets and the importance of getting the mix of down and feathers just right. Happy Fluffy Cloud uses 50 per cent down and 50 per cent feathers from goose, a mix that makes the duvets warm yet soft and fluffy. Only European poultry is used, and production is strictly regulated with traceable farms and suppliers. Animal care is important for the team at Happy Fluffy Cloud, and they have made sure to