Scan Magazine, Issue 134, March 2020

Page 104

Hotel of the Month, Sweden

A hidden gem in the heart of Stockholm Titled Stockholm’s first underground hotel, Hotel With Urban Deli is creating a buzz in the world of hospitality. Catering for the conscious traveller who wants more than just a bed for the night, this hotel is filled with smartness, technical solutions and what they themselves like to call ‘lean luxury’. It’s an all-in-one hub bursting with value. By Emma Rödin  |  Photos: Hotel With Urban Deli

As the name suggests, Hotel With  Urban Deli is the marriage of two individual brands. Hotel With is a new, forward-thinking hotel business, while Urban Deli is the successful fusion of restaurant, bar, food hall, café and convenience store, which launched back in 2009. With similar brand values and an interest in each other’s offerings, the two brands had always had a natural attraction to each other and a desire to join forces. Hoping to create something 104  |  Issue 134  |  March 2020

new and exciting together, the businesses shared a curiosity that eventually led to the launch of Hotel With Urban Deli.

Lean luxury Separating Hotel With from competitors is what Nathalie Axengard, business developer at Hotel With, describes as a ‘lean luxury’ approach. “It’s really the foundation of the entire business,” she explains. “It means that our offering is smart and comfortable, that we use

technology to improve the customer experience and that we strive to be as effective as possible in every way we can.” Very much in line with this approach, Hotel With is super-modern throughout, which you might not expect from its unusual location. And with all 106 rooms located below ground, there’s the advantage of being the only hotel in Stockholm that can guarantee guests a good night’s