Scan Magazine, Issue 131, December 2019

Page 112

The nursing programme, illustrated for UCN University College.

Design Office of the Month, Denmark

Translating words into colourful universes and visual narratives When she was a kid, Helle Schütten Johansen could mostly be found with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Fast-forward a few decades, and little has changed. That is why Helle started her illustration studio,, in 2017, after 18 years as a teacher and pedagogical consultant with a focus on graphic facilitation. Her working life now revolves around her biggest passion: translating words into colourful universes and visual narratives.

a meeting, or communicating corporate values internally or externally, it all comes down to turning something complex into something simple and clear – through pictures. It is such a powerful process

By Camilla Pedersen  |  Photos:

“As a school teacher, I realised how powerful visual communication can be. I therefore started to draw the schedule for each day, so that the pupils could see clearly what activities we were going to do, step by step. It was such a powerful way 112  |  Issue 131  |  December 2019

to create the predictability and clarity that kids really thrive on. But I see the exact same positive impact on adults: whether it is visualising the roadmap for a big project, using illustrations to summarise the main points and decisions made in

Helle Schütten Johansen. Photo: Zenfoto