Scan Magazine, Issue 126, July 2019

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MICHALA’s bedding comes in four carefully-selected patterns: the Rhombus, the Elephant by Ole Flensted, the Circle and the Stripe.

‘Every time they go to bed or tuck their child in, they’ll think of you’ The average person sleeps almost 3,000 hours in a year – approximately one third of a lifetime – and how you sleep has a significant effect on the rest of your life. That is why the Danish bedding brand MICHALA has developed an aesthetically pleasing and ultra-luxurious range of tailor-made bedding for duvets and pillows of all sizes. Sold in beautiful, handmade boxes – no plastic – the bedding makes the perfect present for someone who deserves a touch of luxury every night – also if that someone is you.

Uncompromising quality When Stigkjær decided to start her own business venture in 2017, she was determined to do one thing – she was going to create a compromise-free product for what is many people’s favourite place, the bed. That is why she chose to use the best-quality woven Italian jacquard

By Signe Hansen  |  Photos: MICHALA

Most people realise how much a good night’s sleep affects their mood and wellbeing. But for Michala Stigkjær, settling for good just does not do it; it has to be first class, and that is why the Dane has created her own line of Italian jacquard bedding, tailor-made in Denmark. “You need to prioritise good quality, not just of the bed and the duvet, but also of the bedding, which is in constant contact with your skin,” she stresses. “I have also chosen my bedding 20 | Issue 126 | July 2019

because I find it very beautiful. It makes it a beautiful experience to go to bed and beautiful to wake up, and tucking yourself into something luxuriously comfortable and visually appealing gives you that nurturing feeling of wellbeing and self-care.” MICHALA’s bedding is available in three different colours and four different patterns, which, when the colour is chosen, can be mixed and matched as preferred by the buyer.

Giving the buyers of her bedding a good night’s sleep is not enough for Michala Stigkjær; everything has to be first class.