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Photo: Asaf Kliger

Photo: Karolina Friberg

A Nordic dream — Where to go on your 2019 holiday in Sweden Go north or south, to a city or the wilderness. Sweden boasts cold, stunning winters and sunny, relaxed summers. Here is our guide to the places not to miss if you want to visit Sweden in 2019, be it for wintery landscapes, a spot of culture, or a summer on the beaches around lake Vänern. Sweden is exceptionally beautiful in winter. Woods appear to be covered in mini crystals as the sunshine breaks through the branches of snow-covered trees, and fields get a soft, white duvet. Add cosy cafés with cinnamon buns, candles aplenty and beautiful lighting in every window, and you will see why a visit to Sweden in the winter can be incredibly soothing for the soul. But as the light returns and the temperature creeps up, Sweden sheds its winter wonderland costume and turns

into a summer haven in full bloom. From buzzy city festivals and cultural treats to endless untouched islands and cool cliffs by the wild sea, a summer in Sweden can be everything Astrid Lindgren wrote about and more.

Come for an active holiday full to the brim with sporting adventures and waterside fun, or explore the oldest towns, the cultural heritage, and the new, exciting food scene. Whatever you choose, you are bound to leave satisfied – with that spark ignited.

Season and weather aside, a visit to Sweden is sure to boast the best in design and modern comforts, in addition to efficient transport systems and worldclass cultural experiences. The countryside is vast and varied, while the urban regions boast multiculturalism, innovation and fabulous architecture. Åkulla. Photo: Christoffer Collin

Photo: Destination Sigtuna

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