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Adventures for all

By Emma Rödin  |  Photos: Åre Nature Adventures

Swedish ski resort Åre has become famous for its great atmosphere, striking nature and great experiences, something the recently-launched Åre Nature Adventures (ÅNA) has made perfect sense of. By offering a range of adventures and unique package deals all year round, the company is attracting visitors from all over the world who leave with a genuine and unforgettable experience in the bag. ÅNA is the little sister of Explore Åre and focuses on offering memorable adventures in small groups led by knowledgeable guides. For the relaxed guest, there is ice fishing, moose safaris and northern lights, while the thrill seeker can opt for dog sledding, snow quad and snowshoe hikes. “There is something for everyone,” says CEO Marcus Airikka, and goes on to talk about the company’s unique approach: “It is important to us that our experiences are genuine and not a reflection of mass tourism. That is why we only allow eight people per group, because if you bring an urban environment to a quiet place, you will lose the feeling of nature.” Another thing that sets ÅNA apart is the package offering and partnership with Åre

Bed & Breakfast. One simple click on the company’s website gives guests transfer from Östersund or Trondheim airports; accommodation and top service at the cosy Åre Bed & Breakfast, a local pearl tucked away in the village centre; and great food and activities to last them a full weekend. “All you have to do yourself is to book your travel to and from the airport,” says Airikka. ÅNA’s personal and simple approach to great-quality experiences has already earned it recognition internationally. So, for your next holiday, why not head to Åre and let ÅNA guide you to your next adventure? Big or small, it will be one to remember.

Åre Nature Adventures offers unforgettable experiences all year round in the charming village of Åre.

Web: Facebook: arenatureadventures Instagram: @arenatureadventures

Catch the northern lights in Swedish Lapland Are the northern lights on your bucket list? “If you’re lucky, you might see them during dinner at our restaurant,” says Håkan Sundström, owner and manager of Stora Sjöfallet, the only hotel in the Laponian area of northern Sweden.

Stora Sjöfallet has a restaurant that serves locally sourced food, always with elk and reindeer-meat as well as veggie options and fish from local trawlers on the menu.

By Sofia Scratton  |  Photo: Stora Sjöfallet

The Laponian area is inside the Arctic Circle and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts extraordinary natural beauty, with snow-covered mountains, lakes, rivers, marshes and primeval forests. It offers peace and relaxation and many adventures can be found in the pristine natural scenery. Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Centre is managed by Håkan and Petra, both outdoor enthusiasts who have spent their whole lives in the area. The mountains and wildlife have plenty to offer, such as hiking, fishing, guided boat tours, kayaking, ice climbing, and snowmobile safaris. To see the northern lights, you must visit in winter. “The northern lights in the Laponian area are very powerful due to be-

ing so close to the Arctic Circle. It is the same light that you see in Abisko, one of the well-known destinations for viewing the northern lights in Sweden. We’ve had groups of guests who have travelled here mainly to get a picture of the northern lights.” In the summer, which is also the season of the midnight sun, you can try icefishing on a frozen lake while wearing just a T-shirt. Another great once-in-a-lifetime experience is to hike over the mountains. There are many hiking and cycling trails nearby, and kayaks and canoes can be hired. The staff at Stora Sjöfallet can help arrange a helicopter tour, an increasingly popular option with guests, to visit untouched lakes and rivers.

Web: Facebook: StoraSjofallet

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Scan Magazine, Issue 119, December 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia! Including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Scan Magazine, Issue 119, December 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia! Including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.