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Annika Gustavsson designs innovative jewellery inspired by the nature of Gotland.

Jewellery beyond the ordinary Meet Annika Gustavsson, the renowned Swedish goldsmith who ditched a career in finance to embark on a journey in jewellery. Today, working from her Gotlandbased studio, she offers collections inspired by this native place, while also creating bespoke rings for special occasions. By always giving each customer a memorable experience rather than a one-off purchase, Gustavsson has earned a wide range of devotees who keep coming back for more. By Emma Rödin  |  Press photos

While working in finance, Annika Gustavsson longed for a more creative and active spare time. So, she signed up for various evening classes, including furniture restoration and pottery, which eventually led her to study jewellery design in Stockholm and later join Copenhagen’s school for goldsmiths. “I got tired of working hard to reach other people’s goals instead of my own, so I decided to explore other routes,” says Gustavsson. During her four years of studying in Denmark, she set up her jewellery company on the side, and at the time of graduating, she had over 30 retailers already. Yearning for home, Gustavsson returned to Gotland and set up shop in Visby, an ancient town that, along with the rest of Gotland, has become her main inspiration. Visby’s cosy alleyways, the atmosphere and history of the island and its

barren landscape − it is all in the jewellery. Gustavsson enjoys working with natural shapes such as coral fossils, which she has fond memories of collecting as a child and has made collections of in both gold and silver. “I love using the contrasts of nature and mixing shiny and matte textures, like pairing an oxidised surface with a beautiful gemstone. The contrasts give the pieces life,” she enthuses. Apart from her collections, Gustavsson also works closely with clients who wish to customise their own engagement or wedding rings. “People like coming to the shop because I, in capacity of both goldsmith and designer, can help them find the perfect rings to enhance their individual personalities. They can make a decision in their own time and end up with something very special,” she explains. Setting her apart further is the choice of

only working with recycled gold, as well as the fact that she masters the art of melting gold for reuse. “I love doing this for my customers. The joy in their eyes when they get to recreate something from past generations and then wear it in its new shape is incredible. Really, it’s the world’s oldest recycling business.” When considering treating yourself or someone dear to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Annika Gustavsson might just be the answer.

Annika Gustavsson in her showroom in Visby.

Web: Facebook: annikagustavssonjewellery Instagram: @annikagustavsson_jewelry

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Scan Magazine, Issue 118, November 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Rhys.

Scan Magazine, Issue 118, November 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Rhys.