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This is where Sweden begins, and continues Sigtuna is Sweden’s first town, founded in 970 as an international meeting place. It was unlike anything seen before, and both the town planning and the idea for a modern hub remain pretty much unchanged.

visionaries for the future, a tradition and way of thinking that dates back to when Sigtuna was founded in 970.”

By Malin Norman  |  Photos: Destination Sigtuna

Because of a unique collaboration, Sigtuna has been named twice as one of the Global Top 100 by the organisation Green Destinations. The town has also been certified as a Fairtrade Town, and visitors at the hotels and venues will notice the efforts made to become a sustainable destination. For example, there is a growing number of charging stations for electric cars at all the hotels and conference centres, the local chefs are actively working together to reduce food waste, and the collaborating companies keep some 750,000 bees in 11 locations to positively impact the flora and fauna as well as

Today, Sigtuna is Sweden’s fourthlargest hotel destination, with around 886,000 overnight stays per year, and the municipality hosts the country’s largest international airport, Stockholm Arlanda. “You really shouldn’t miss where it all started,” says Destination Sigtuna’s director, Eva Camél Fuglseth. “Sigtuna is where Sweden begins, historically and geographically if you fly to Arlanda. It’s fantastic to see and experience the sites and beautiful castles, which are all really easily accessible for visitors.” 42  |  Issue 108  |  January 2018

Since 2009, Destination Sigtuna has been working on a shared vision for sustainable development with partners such as the airport, hotels and conference centres. “As the municipality of Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which is world-leading among airports in sustainability, we have a big responsibility in terms of environmental and social impact,” Camél Fuglseth says about the shared commitment. “We want to make a difference, together. Instead of competing, we need to be brave, dare to be different and remain

Scan Magazine, Issue 108, January 2018  
Scan Magazine, Issue 108, January 2018  

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