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Left: Detech Technologies CEO Dr. Antti Korhonen creates solutions for the future. Top right: Dr. Antti Korhonen lecturing in London at the Fintech Week 2017. Right: Detech Optimizer is based on a 200-page mathematical model.

Managing uncertainty in financial institutions Financial crises have set the world of financial services reeling, with practitioners and regulators alike having to up their game in order to ensure financial stability and success of the institutions. The need to avoid new financial crises is now among the top priorities in the financial services industry. By Taina Värri  |  Photos: Detech Technologies Ltd

Dr. Antti Korhonen was a global citizen already at the tender age of three, when his family was living in America. Later on, he returned to study at the University of Chicago. As the first person to achieve a PhD in finance in Finland, he is a pioneer in the field and his wide expertise covers the academic world, the financial services industry as well as banking supervision. Today, he is CEO of Detech Decision Technologies Ltd, based in Finland and the UK, and a frontrunner in developing a science-based next-generation solution for financial institutions. Dr. Korhonen’s expertise in various fields of financial services, assembled with the brightest young minds in new technology, has created a sophisticated enterprise-wide decision-making and risk management tool based on opti102  |  Issue 104  |  September 2017

misation. The solution is targeted at the top management in banking, insurance, pension funds and asset management.

Optimal strategies with action plans Detech Optimizer offers the most advanced method for managing uncertainty in financial institutions. It allows indepth analysis of the financial standing of the company, as well as the actions it must take. The underlying complex mathematical model with thousands of equations has been implemented into a ready-to-use, flexible piece of software. The tool makes the strategic planning process fast and easy and gives the companies significantly improved cost efficiency. It provides a link between long-term strategic decision-making and short-term oper-

ative risk management and also fulfills the regulatory requirements for extended scenario analyses and stress tests. The software enables the management to create strategies based on their business goals and priorities. The tool computes optimal strategies with concrete and detailed action plans. It gives the top executives a full view and control of their future business activities and prepares the companies simultaneously for different developments in an uncertain economic environment. Forward-looking dynamic strategies lead to considerable improvements in performance, when compared to traditional static or simulation-based approaches. This improvement in performance becomes particularly noticeable in exceptionally difficult and turbulent operating environments.

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Scan Magazine, Issue 104, September 2017  
Scan Magazine, Issue 104, September 2017  

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