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An overview effect of leadership “The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution (Frank Wright, 1987) creates profound shifts in consciousness. They are global perspectives evoking a sense of personal responsibility since the dawn of space travel. Seeing Earth as a whole system, with everything on it connected and an integral part of it, changes you. Interviews with educated astronauts verify their inability to convey this life-altering experience. Someone aspiring to purposeful leadership relates to this inspiration,” Jim Grant, leadership and executive coach of Diversitas Oy, writes in a blog post.

tor in the success and failure of a leader. Their levels of wellbeing define how they currently think, and how comfortable they are with ambiguous challenges,” says leadership and executive coach Sari Ajanko. Wellbeing is precisely what she and fellow coach Jim Grant invite their clients to explore.

By Signe Hansen

In 2003, the Global Leadership Foundation™ founders Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby set in motion a similar vision for the world leadership community. Their work is internationally recognised, as contributing to the development of transformational leadership journeys within the private, professional, community and public sectors.

focus is on working with individuals and businesses to create and provide pathways for building leadership capability. The outcomes offer a sustainable positive difference for people, businesses and communities, through a commitment to three guiding principles: self-realisation, collaboration and stewardship.

The zenith of this global initiative is raising the emotional health levels on the planet by helping to develop emotionally healthy leaders and organisations. The

“In a business context, conversations about emotional health can be taboo subjects for executives. The emotional intelligence, however, is the biggest fac-

40  |  Issue 102  |  July 2017

Talking about the walk…

As fellows with the Global Leadership Foundation, their company Diversitas Oy is proceeding with one of the first Tables of Ten, a global leadership initiative helping leaders leverage their strengths and understand their impact with a facilitator and in partnership with each other. “People grow and change by thinking differently in each other’s company, by not judging, in sharing and being open, while actively listening,” says Ajanko, and Grant adds: “It’s not abandoning the business, but exploring roles as participative business partners in social communities.”

Scan Magazine, Issue 102, July 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Norwegian actor Rune Temte.

Scan Magazine, Issue 102, July 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Norwegian actor Rune Temte.