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Parts for the offshore industry.

Built on high quality and fast delivery RG Rom Gummi was founded in 1983 by Leif Kristensen. Since then, the company has grown extensively in terms of both size and staff numbers and it today serves several industries across Europe, the Far East and the US. But one thing has remained the same: the values. By Heidi Kokborg  |  Photos: RG Rom Gummi

In 1983, Leif Kristensen founded RG Rom Gummi, and it quickly became the preferred supplier of rubber for the fishing industry. “He based the company on high quality and fast delivery. They never did any advertising – they would just serve whatever customers came through the door,” says owner Jesper Kristensen.

Ever-expanding During the first few years, the focus was mainly on the fishing industry, with rubber products for seine and net fishing. However, the company has since developed significantly, with specially made rubber products consisting of moulded rubber parts and hot-vulcanised rubber. “The products are used for everything from robots and vintage motorcycles to agriculture, fishing and food production. The only thing we don’t produce 108  |  Issue 101  |  June 2017

is car tyres,” says Kristensen. He took over his father’s company in 2008. At that time, six people worked at RG Rom Gummi, but today the company employs 40 people. “I saw potential and possibilities in the company,” he says. “The first thing I did was get in my car and drive around Europe to all the countries we didn’t sell to, to tell people and companies about us.” This quickly led to many orders, and soon they had to hire more people. Today, the company serves several industries in Europe, the Far East and the US.

his father founded the company on. “Our two main values are still high quality and fast delivery. It is our DNA. RG Rom Gummi is like my fourth child, and I want to be able to look all my customers in the eyes,” says Kristensen. Another thing he is proud of is the people who work at the company. “They are very flexible. They are all willing to change their schedule with just 30 minutes’ notice and work nights and weekends. But we also care greatly about them; we want them to enjoy working here and have a good time. We are like one big family.”

RG Rom Gummi produces fenders for crew transfer vessels.

Same values as always RG Rom Gummi might have grown since Kristensen took over the company, but the company is based on the same values

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Scan Magazine, Issue 101, June 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish actor Gustaf Hammersten.

Scan Magazine, Issue 101, June 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish actor Gustaf Hammersten.