Discover Southern Europe, Issue 3, April 2019

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Mastering the art of versatility ‘A jack of all trades’ may not necessarily sound like a compliment when applied to a business, but these days, versatility is much valued in a world where the skills needed to succeed are rapidly evolving. In this digital age, flexibility and versatility are synonymous with a modern workforce. TEXT: KIKI DEERE  |  PHOTOS: STUDIO GORING & STRAJA


t architectural studio Goring and Straja (GaS Studio) in Milan, not having a core business is a plus. Versatility has been the firm’s hallmark since it was founded in 1997. “Creating versatile solutions allows our firm to be present in a number of spheres, from interiors and residential projects to urban planning and building renovation,” explains partner Lenka Lodo.

A brief history During its initial four years, GaS Studio specialised in interior design, offering services to a host of multinational clients. Along with a number of other projects, it took part in the design for major luxury brand Burberry, helping the British fashion house further position itself in the luxury market. GaS Studio quickly established itself as a leading interior design retail firm. 12  |  Issue 3  |  April 2019

The firm then moved into the property and real estate sector, working with both green field and brown field projects, before moving on to student housing projects. GaS Studio soon found itself working on anything and everything, from building shopping centres and cinemas to furnishing shops, offices and private residences.

“Over the years, we have built up expertise in a variety of domains,”continues Lodo. “Our strength is our ability to cater to a variety of clients with a wide array of projects, from designing a small jewellery cabinet at London’s Selfridges to building a vast office space in Milan. We deal with the most varied requests both in architecture and interior design. This versatile approach, coupled with our dynamic outlook, has established us as one of Italy’s leading architecture firms.”

Diversity in the workplace Even the team consists of a highly versatile group of professionals. Founding partner Andre Straja was born in Romania, brought up in Canada, worked in Texas and California for over a decade, before moving to France and eventually settling in Italy. Born to Italian parents, partner Lenka Lodo was raised in Paris but moved to Italy in her ’20s, while Sicilian born partner Giacomo Sicuro studied in Rome, lived in Milan and currently resides in Switzerland. “Our international life experiences lie at the heart of our firm, giving us a forward-