Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017

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The Sautner family: Waltraud (left), Harald (middle) and Markus Sautner (right).

Local heroes

– Golser Bier stands for regional delights A strong local attachment is the main attribute for the Gols family brewery. The compact, successful enterprise is proud of its self-imposed standards, choosing all ingredients for Golser Bier products exclusively from Austria’s Burgenland region.

chestnut, spelt or herb beers are thus developed exclusively with produce from the various ‘Burgenland’ sub-regions.


Transparency counts with Golser Bier and apart from meeting quality standards in line with the purity law, the use of few pure ingredients for the more traditional beer styles alternates with adding natural local ingredients to create exciting new flavours such as sweet chestnut or fruit and spices. Modern methods like dry hopping and wooden barrel techniques are also applied at Gols brewery.

The brewery is set in the wine town of Gols, situated on the eastern shores of the large, shallow steppe lake, the Neusiedlersee. “Our clients think of Golser Bier as a regional business first of all,” says master brewer Markus Sautner. The Sautner family are proud of their regional identity. ‘We live regionality’ is their guiding line and they prove it by using local sources for their ingredients, working with regional service providers and, last but not least, by offering the finest regional products. 34  |  Issue 51  |  June 2017

The brewery team believe in producing added value for the region, meaning that the value is both generated locally and is staying there. Markus Sautner states: “As a regional brewery, we feel a responsibility for shaping the local identity and continually acting in line with the communal values of our region.” The brewery’s co-work with the ‘Genuss Region Österreich’ (Austria – Region of Enjoyment) project, a licensing scheme launched by the Austrian food ministry, forms the perfect basis for developing regional delicacies. Special brews like

Balancing between small family business and professional player on the regional market, the brewery stands for commercial success based on strong principles and close relationships with their customers.