Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017

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The two founders Alexander Bojer (left) and Werner Flatz (right).

How your company’s employees can find the right insurance Searching for a unique platform for insurance that can be easily integrated into the employee benefits programme? The Swiss company Anivo has developed a clever solution. TEXT: INA FRANK  |  PHOTO: MONICA HUG

“Anivo combines a digital platform for the employee benefits business with an independent and individual consultation,” says Alexander Bojer, one of the two founders. Anivo’s electronic platform is included in a company’s intranet, so employees have exclusive access to special insurance products and discounts. Currently, through Anivo’s platform, employees in Switzerland can compare offers by health insurances; other kinds of personal insurance will be included in 2018. No special knowledge of the insurance business is needed. Employees simply enter their data and get an overview of a wide range of insurance products for each price range. Everything is explained free from jargon. Within a few minutes, employees get non-binding offers via e-mail. 100  |  Issue 51  |  June 2017

“Our experts offer independent and individual support to find the right insurance product. This is what makes us different from other brokers, who offer just a little consultation or none at all,” Bojer explains. Consultancy is offered in (Swiss) German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. There are many advantages for companies working together with Anivo. The company does not have to put in any effort; the insurance contracts are managed by Anivo. Also, there are no costs for implementing and running the platform. Information material and campaigns aimed at the employees are offered by Anivo as well. Employees from renowned large companies like Swiss Railway (SBB), the Swiss radio and television company, UPC

(a cable network operator) and members of associations like the CFA Society Switzerland already profit from Anivo’s concept. As of mid-2017, SMEs will also be able to benefit from exclusive insurance deals and individual advisory by independent insurance experts for their employees. However, this is only one part of what Anivo offers. Even if one’s employer does not work together with Anivo yet, one can use the platform to the find the perfect insurance. On the website, one can compare the offers of Switzerland’s best insurance providers. Using the platform is anonymous and free of charge. Also, in this case, users profit from the consultation of competent insurance brokers and one can easily take out insurance online. Health insurance, motor vehicle insurance, legal expense insurance, liability insurance and household insurance are available.