Discover Germany, Issue 89, January 2022

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The modern diet understandably places great importance on healthy, high-quality food. The ingredients we use, therefore, are of much significance.

“When we founded Pantarhei six years ago, our aim was to make healthy and tasty products available to a wider clientele. We believe we’ve achieved this with considerable success,” underlines manager Ingmar Masoner. Pantarhei (old greek for ‘everything flows’), Kloster Kitchen’s main distributor for Switzerland, remains true to its original objectives. How would Masoner describe the distributor’s product range? “We choose our partners very carefully and distribute honest products mainly made from certified organic raw materials which are tasty and beneficial for the body. In other words, healthy treats; such as the Ingwer Shots (ingwer = ginger) by market leader Kloster Kitchen. Kloster Kitchen,” adds Masoner, “is very much into ginger, the medicinal plant of the year 2018. The products, particularly the Ingwer Shot 24  |  Issue 89  |  January 2022

CLASSIC, are always some of our best selling products. This power drink is based on an old monastery recipe and is therefore as natural as can be expected, from a time when artificial food additives did not exist. Ingwer Shots are 100 per cent organic and vegan, and are free from refined sugar, colourants, preservatives or artificial flavours. One can taste this with each sip.” In their Ingwer Shots, the producers at Kloster Kitchen use actual pieces of ginger, which in a self-developed processing procedure are neither crushed nor pressed. Cut into small bits, the ginger’s valuable active ingredients and trace elements are retained, and make for a unique taste and oral sensation. Pure in the Classic variant or supplemented with pomegranate and curcuma in the brand-

new limited cranberry-horseradish edition, these Ingwer Shots are real all-rounders. The reason? “Ginger is antiseptic and antiviral, and thus gives our immune systems a natural boost. Ideal to help you get that extra portion of good health just now. Best enjoyed daily, pure or mixed with water, tea, or as an aperitif, Ingwer Shots are always a revelation. Plus, ginger is an excellent remedy for travel sickness. Affected travellers on planes or ships swear by ginger,” reveals Masoner. The small shot glass-bottles (30 millilitre) can fit in any bag and are therefore an ideal travel companion, readily available for you before each flight, for example. Ingwer Shots by Kloster Kitchen: the original shot with real ginger pieces. An old monastery recipe rethought for today, offering you pure inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.