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Schützenhof Exceptional family, exceptional wines Situated at the foot of the Eisenberg mountain in Austria, the Schützenhof vineyard produces exceptional wines thanks to the ferruginous slate of the mountain, a uniquely designed cellar and strong family ties that reach well beyond consanguinity. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: SCHÜTZENHOF

Mike, Markus and Karin Faulhammer

30 | Issue 18 | September 2014

A family business since 1816, the Schützenhof in the county of Südburgenland in Eastern Austria is run by the Faulhammer-Körper family. A true family business, all of the duties included in running a winery are shared between viniculturalist Markus Faulhammer, his wife Kristina, his parents Mike and Karin and his grandmother Hilde. “A categorical division of tasks is neither possible in a family business, nor is it desirable,” explains Markus Faulhammer. With the recent addition of the newly born Louis Felix,

four generations now live and work together at the vineyard, producing an exceptional choice of wines. And by tradition, the grape harvest at the Schützenhof is a celebrated get-together for the extended family and friends. Strong family ties, the support of friends, custom-made architecture and the unique blend of soil make the wines from Schützenhof so special. Friendship, not rivalry When asked about rival viniculturalists, Faulhammer denies that any exist. For him, there are only competing colleagues. ”Here at the Eisenberg and generally in Südburgenland, we have a wonderful sense of solidarity among the vine-growers. We get along brilliantly, talk to each other on a