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Total market transparency for headhunters and employers - a match made in Heidelberg Start-up company BetterHeads have re-invented the world of recruitment services by offering a globally unique B2B service, matching employers’ needs with the ideal headhunter to deliver the perfect placement in the most efficient manner possible. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: BETTERHEADS

BetterHeads founders Markus Krampe and Philipp Mommsen went live last November and the pair already represent over 700 renowned recruitment agencies and headhunters. It is a win-win service for both headhunters as well as companies in search of the perfect candidate. BetterHeads collect specific search criteria from employers. These search terms are then analysed and matched against all the headhunter profiles in the pool and 15 contacts are be selected. Employers pick a maximum of three favourites and, thanks to the ruthless filtering process conducted by BetterHeads, the perfect job candidate will be delivered almost instantly, saving both parties valuable time and resources. While recruitment agencies pay a small fee for successful placements, BetterHeads’ services are free of charge for talent searching companies.

information and meticulous verification of previous placements are part of this process.“Quality management is essential. We make sure our recruitment agencies are vetted as carefully as possible for plausibility. We make sure their standard procedures – vital in the recruitment business – comply with our high demands,” Krampe explains.

Headhunters have to undergo close scrutiny before being admitted to BetterHeads’ pool. The collection of background

Since June, BetterHeads’independent consultant search function has been embedded

112 | Issue 18 | September 2014

in the FAZ job market and DAX companies are flocking to benefit from the innovative service. Thyssen Krupp is one of the satisfied users, but due to the discreet nature of the business, Krampe remains tight-lipped about his clientele. Good service does not stop at the placement either.The compact process management package offered by BetterHeads allows employers to easily compare headhunters’ performances over time and helps in making the right choice for future decisions.

But how did Krampe and Mommsen come up with the idea of creating a comparison portal?“Both of us have sat at both ends of the table in the past. We discovered a lot of potential for improvement, for employers and recruiters alike. The idea seemed so simple, someone just had to do it,” Krampe says. And so they did.

Markus Krampe & Philipp Mommsen