Discover Germany | Issue 12 | March 2014

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Page 60

Harald Stricker creates modern architecture with timeless chic Harald Stricker stands for the further development of modern architecture. Modernism and modern art have been characterized by the principle of abstraction, a concept that can be transferred to architecture as an aesthetic base frame. With asymmetric and cubic forms as the main characteristics of modern architecture, these too can be found in Stricker’s work. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: PROF. STRICKER ARCHITECTURE

Harald Stricker’s work is influenced by the architecture and science of Richard Neutra. Neutra was one of the most important figures of classic modern architecture and although he was born in Austria, he spent most of his life working in southern California. In the

60 | Issue 12 | March 2014

1950s Neutra created housing that connected inner and outer spaces and researched how this influenced the happiness and wellbeing of the inhabitants. Humans, he concluded, feel at home in nature and therefore need that connection for their wellbeing.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Harald Stricker, Architect BDA. Photo: Annabell Rupprecht