Discover Germany | Issue 12 | March 2014

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Active Learning Switzerland

Time for new skills With the cold weather of winter giving way to the warmth of spring and nature stirring back to life, it is the perfect time to think about something new. Like the annual spring clean in your home at this time, why not spruce up your mind by acquiring a new skill or brushing up on some rusty ones? TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE

This issue we take a look at what Switzerland has to offer in terms of further development. Both academic, social and life skills will benefit from any extra-curricular activities you choose to partake in.

school activities - take it from us, they will thank you when they are standing in a boardroom, poised in front of the projector screen ready to deliver a presentation on which the company’s future hangs.

For many, participating in the annual school musical theatre production and attending drama classes on a weekly basis is the norm. The confidence that such classes give a young person is unsurpassable. Not only will they learn how to convincingly deliver a speech, build the confidence to take command of the stage, but also how to step out of their comfort zone. While your offspring may whine a little at the enforced after-

Being constantly reminded to strengthen our CVs, aware that a strong curriculum vitae is crucial in order to distinguish ourselves from the masses, can be a little exhausting, like a Justin Bieber song on repeat. Yet there is more than just a shred of truth in the benefits of having an admirable CV and simple, conventional training just won’t cut it these days. Potential CV-boosters include foreign language skills (not just useful for

44 | Issue 12 | March 2014

Right, top: Gstaad Campus in the Swiss Alps has special camps for younger, first-time campers. Right, below & left, top: The fun school. Photo: Frilingue Left, below: Swiss language school Aida. Photo: Aida

holidays), sports and other hobbies (no, this does not include socialising) or perhaps business training courses. Any office would be thrilled to see that a potential future employee has bonus skills in IT, public speaking or leadership. Naturally, certain jobs do require specific skills, but the field of transferable skills is substantial and proving that you possess any number of these will certainly work in your favour. In the canton of St Gallen it is commendable to observe the efforts of Aida, the school for non-German speaking women and their children. Perhaps not the only essential ingredient for successful integration into a new society, but certainly of high importance is the ability to converse. Navigating the bureaucracy, finding a job and helping your child with their homework will be much easier if your language level towers above satisfactory.