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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr Dr Christina Irene Günter.

SOPHISTICATED SURGERY, NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS At her Munich-based surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Dr Dr Christina Irene Günter, accompanies her patients on the journey to their desired appearance. She not only brings decades of experience and scientific expertise, but also tends to her patients with a great deal of compassion. Dr Dr Günter specialises in complex procedures such as the removal of breast implants, and she works in Germany as well as abroad. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE |


Back in the day when she was a mere 12 years old, Dr Dr Christina Irene Günter already knew that she wanted to become a physician. During her studies, she quickly realised that her heart was set on the field of surgery, as she was immediately fascinated by the combination of required motor skills and the intellectual challenge each surgery represents. “Initially, I became a cardiac surgeon,” Dr Dr Günter explains. “But for various reasons I 16


Issue 93

| May 2022

changed to Plastic and Aesthetic surgery. Today, I work internationally as a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon. The opportunity to offer individual solutions to my patients inspires and fascinates me each day anew.” Aside from her Munich practice, Dr Dr Günter also works in Kuwait and Switzerland, as well as being a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich. Hence, her patients also benefit from the latest medical research being implemented in her work.

The passionate surgeon specialises in particularly complex procedures, as she points out: “A special focus of my work is the removal of breast implants. Here, I can even offer the surgically very demanding capsulectomy and en bloc resection. I also specialise in body contouring surgeries after pregnancies or after massive weight loss.” Aside from surgical procedures, Dr Dr Günter has 15 years of experience in injections with hyaluronic acid and Botulinum Toxin, and trains fellow physicians at her own academy. “My profound and vast surgical experience, my international work and my academic and scientific engagements build the foundation of my comprehensive expertise as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon,” she adds. “That’s why I am able to offer the highest standard of treatment to my patients.”