Discover Germany, Issue 87, November 2021

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Siblings Katharina and Matthias Schuh.



…LISTENING TO THE VINEYARD’S SOUL In a world that is notoriously fast-paced, Matthias Schuh has made the conscious choice to take things slowly. His vines are given the time they need because nature simply does not like to be rushed. Trusting nature’s process, paired with organic farming methods, results in some elegant, light wines. Each bottle beautifully captures the special qualities of the terrain in the Saxonian Elbe Valley.

Working in tune with nature’s pace, not against it – that is the philosophy at Winery Schuh. The young vintner Matthias Schuh is known for flavourful yet light wine and, together with his sister Katharina, he is continuing the long success story of the family vineyard.

to me to reach the vineyard’s maximum potential and to stay away from influencing the wine once it’s in the cellar,” he explains enthusiastically. “That’s why we give ourselves a lot of time in the vineyard and work with great care.”

The picturesque winery in Saxony – one of Germany’s smallest wine-growing regions – runs without question one of the region’s best cultivation sites. Having grown up on the Klausenberg site, of which he is in sole ownership, the passion for viticulture runs in the blood of Matthias Schuh. “It’s important

Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Chardonnay and Riesling stand out for their complexity and lightness. “During the day our vineyards get very warm, but at night they cool down a lot due to the close proximity to the Elbe River,” Matthias adds. “That makes for expressive wines, which are crisp and elegant in taste.”

32  |  Issue 87  |  November 2021

The strictly close to nature farming methods pay off. In the vineyards it’s all about compost, not herbicides. The wine visionary also incorporates more unconventional ideas. “We have experimented with sheep in the vineyard, which ate the weeds and provided natural fertiliser. We place great importance on working sustainably and to establish a kind of cycle over time – such as using lamb as an ingredient in our restaurant.” Tasting beautiful wines on the Mediterranean terrace or indulging in top cuisine at the restaurant just opposite – visiting the listed farm building means a time of pure pleasure, and in the winery’s guest rooms you can even stay overnight. “Seeing our guests relax and enjoy the wines – that’s the biggest compliment for me,” Matthias smiles.