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UP! Berlin. Photo: © HG Esch

THE SEARCH FOR AUTHENTICITY IN CONTEXT Young and progressive - the team at Jasper Architects stands for versatility in dealing with the most varied of contexts and project typologies. With main branches in Berlin, Buenos Aires and Vienna, the architecture office founded by Martin Jasper is a prime example of internationality and diversity; factors that also give buildings their identity.

64  |  October 2021  |  Issue 86

FROM THE OFFICE TO THE INTELLIGENT WORKSPACE The UP! Berlin is a good example of the architectural approach that  Jasper Architects stands for. An aging, closed GDR department store was transformed by Martin Jasper and his team into a modern work and retail world by gutting the closed cube and bringing light for the new office use into the building’s interior through cuts in the volume. Today the UP! with its building shell made of glass and the spectacular incisions staged over terraces welcomes its users in a bright ambience.

SUSTAINABLE HOTEL OASIS As a contrast to the UP!, the Enaí hotel is located on the banks of the  Tambopata River in the nature reserve of the same name. In the middle of the Peruvian Amazon region, Jasper Architects have created a sustainable, luxurious oasis of calm away from civilization. The architecture of this wood-concrete mixed construction is based on the pile dwellings of the local peoples and optimised for the comfort requirements of a modern, sustainable hotel in the tropics. All rooms have jungle and river views and lots of natural light. Cross ventilation is guaranteed by the longitudinal room layout. Due to the pole stand construction, the entire building structure is constantly surrounded by air currents. Jasper Architects knows how to give buildings their own unique identity, which is created by working with a wide variety of contexts.


Martin Jasper.

Urban development, building planning, interior planning, residential, hospitality, office and corporate - Jasper Architects stands for versatility and the "continuous search for innovations in connection with the changes in the digital age", says Jasper.


Jasper Architects stands for uncompromising work in context. Founder Martin Jasper explains exactly what that means: “With the method, we combine a design logic in which the result is always open and never predefined. We make use of our international pool of experience and our understanding of the respective zeitgeist, but the application is then transferred to the local area for each project. Authenticity at all levels is very important to us: This is reflected in functional, spatial concepts through to the choice of materials.”