Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

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Messe Frankfurt.



The office’s founders Alexandra Geiseler and Bernd Gergull have originally met during previous project partnerships. Today they are a couple in business and their private life: They have lived and worked in Frankfurt/

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Main for now 23 years and have been married for 21. “We inspire each other, because our cooperation is rather symbiotic,” says Alexandra Geiseler. The architects were for example responsible for giving the façade of the exhibition hall 1 in Frankfurt a facelift and build a new gastronomy area. The facade gained a 3.2m deep oriel widening the space to allow for two café areas on top of each other. At the same time the architects created a new visual focus point with long-distance effect. In Hausen-Obertshausen the architects changed an existing factory areal into lofts and complemented them with new town houses. Even though

part of the building stock from 1956 was in a bad condition the architects managed to refurbish the manufacturing building energetically. Here two new flats and office spaces at the ground floor emerged. Incredible architecture does not have to be large as the corten steel gatehouse in Frankfurt shows. “It is one of our favourites and shows, that we have a lot of fun with all our projects, no matter which size,” says Bernd Gergull. Among the office’s unique selling points are special solutions like studio buildings for public broadcasters or veterinary clinics. “That shows how diverse our profession is and motivates us every day anew, this is why we love our job.”


If there is anything that makes geiseler gergull architekten. special it is their versatility. “We don’t have one particular style that we follow. We are always on an explorative journey and the goal strongly depends on the client, the context of the plot of land and the task itself,” says architect Alexandra Geiseler. This versatility also mirrors in the client base – from the classic house-building family to private and public investors and DAX registered companies.


geiseler gergull architekten. offer a wide scope of architecture, from a creative gatehouse to exclusive villas and unique wooden houses. Above that the architect couple Alexandra Geiseler and Bernd Gergull work on revitalizing old industrial buildings and creating innovative solutions for office, retail and gastronomy.