Discover Germany, Issue 82, January 2020

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Aeropers FTL app. Photo: © olezzo, Viacheslav,

‘Digital is easy’ – Thierry Rietsch, CEO Konoma Almost everything can now be controlled via an app. In our daily lives, these apps should be as user-friendly, simple and useful as possible – but unfortunately, this more often than not only applies to a few. Why is that and how can it be done better? Swiss IT company Konoma has the answers. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE

In 2013, Konoma was founded to support companies going into the digital age, providing individual services that perfectly match the company’s requirements. The founders, Thierry Rietsch, Philipp Leuenberger and Markus Gasser, see their work within society’s wider context and always keep the users in mind. In conversation with CEO Thierry Rietsch, one quickly finds out that his workforce examines everything in great detail. Customer requests are not just implemented blindly. The meaning of the name Konoma also supports the corporate philosophy. It’s a modification of the Greek word ‘eoconomia’, which refers back to Aristotle, who saw economics as a social and sometimes even ‘moral’ form of science. “We strive for this harmonious interaction regarding all projects. And we extend 108  |  Issue 82  |  January 2020

the model by adding strategy, usability, design and code,” Rietsch says. Konoma offers a range of important services and often supports companies over many years. Hence, solutions remain up-to-date thanks to on-going development. Big customers with specific digital projects turn to Konoma just as often as those looking to develop new business models. “Regarding the techniques and technologies we use for our projects, we’re deliberately independent. We are also consciously working with a wide client range that includes companies of various sizes and industries,” says the CEO. “At first sight, our digital solutions seem simple and that’s just the way it should be. What you don’t immediately see, is the detailed knowledge, the innovative

technologies and the technically skilled programming.” Rietsch recognises the opportunity that new technological possibilities present. Many paths lead to the customer. The 14-expert team actively supports their customers every step of the way so they make the right choices and stay true to their corporate identity. Thomas Steffen at AEROPERS is one of the many happy customers: ”Competence and reliability in the cockpit are essential for safe air traffic. As a pilot association we were looking for a partner with those qualities to develop our app, and Konoma is the perfect fit.”“We combine business development, UX design and developer knowledge under one roof. We’re not afraid to share our expertise with our customers and thus create a significant competitive advantage for them,” Rietsch sums up. Konoma, Rütistrasse 6, 5400 Baden, Email: Telefon: +41 56 209 08 08