Discover Germany, Issue 81, December 2019

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Whisky made in Germany – simply surprising After the Japanese proved to the world that great single malt whisky doesn’t necessarily have to come from Scotland, many distilleries across the world were inspired to give it a go themselves, including in Germany. St. Kilian Distillers took on the task and today, stand out as Germany’s largest whisky distillery, with an impressive range of exclusive products. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF  I  PHOTOS: MALTE GRÜNER

In 2012, St. Kilian Distillers was established in a former textile factory in the small village of Rüdenau. Since then, the distillery has made a name for itself through courage and passion, and has established itself as a top-quality whisky distillery using original Scottish copper stills and centuries-old Irish-Scottish manufacturing processes. St. Kilian founder Andreas Thümmler explains: “We want to establish ‘whisky made in Germany’ as a premium product globally.” And St. Kilian Distillers are well on their way towards achieving that. Real craftsmanship At St. Kilian Distillers, tradition meets cutting-edge technology while decadelong whisky know-how meets German engineering. What this means concretely, 22  |  Issue 81  |  December 2019

is something that Mario Rudolf, master distiller and managing director, is happy to elaborate on: “We solely use first-class brewing malt from Germany and real turf malt from the Scottish Highlands. Rüdenau’s water springs had already been used during the Roman period and our storage barrels come from all over the world, while adhering to the highest quality standards.” The resulting products are real single malt whiskies – made in Germany. The Signature Edition whisky, for example, with the fruity-sweet ONE and the TWO, which ripens in Amarone red wine barrels, is an inherent part of St. Kilian’s portfolio. Andreas explains what makes them special: “Each batch tastes different and has an individual character.” Mario adds:

“Our third Signature Edition whisky, the THREE, with especially peaty nuances, will be available this winter.” Last but not least, St. Kilian offers other whisky delicacies and numerous spirits, as well as a whisky liqueur, which exhibits exciting vanilla, honey and coconut flavours. Whisky up close Whisky fans can learn more about the whisky production on special distillery tours, or enjoy the numerous spirits on offer at the exclusive tastings. Andreas says: “Our whisky village Rüdenau is only 45 car minutes away from Frankfurt’s airport.” So, what are you waiting for?!

Master distiller Mario Rudolf.