Discover Germany, Issue 79, October 2019

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Golden October: Time to celebrate the harvest As the leaves are starting to portray an array of stunning colours, it’s the perfect time to indulge in premium wines surrounded by autumn’s beauty. From the German Wine Road to Austria’s scenic wine countries and Switzerland’s lush Alpine vineyards – there is plenty to discover and to taste. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: PIXABAY

Crisp air, a soft cool breeze, colourful leaves swirling around at your feet and a glass of fabulous wine in your hand. What more could you ask for this season? Just after the harvest is the perfect time to indulge in a cheeky glass whilst discovering all that the DACH-region’s wine areas have to offer. Celebrating the harvest in Germany Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder are just the tip of the crop, so to speak. With over 130 grape varieties being cultivated, Germany is certainly a wine country that’s gaining more and more popularity internationally. 38  |  Issue 79  |  October 2019

One of the most beautiful and largest wine regions in Germany is RhinelandPalatine. Think endless vineyards, rolling hills, gently gurgling creeks and, of course, the infamous warmth of its carnivalloving people. With wine production taking centre-stage over here, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of wine festivals throughout October. If you like hiking, you will enjoy the wine walking-tour in Züsch on 3 October. This scenic route measures 11 kilometres and has five stops where you can try over 40 wines from all six wine regions of Rhineland-Palatine, in just one day. The

w.i.n.e festival at the historic ‘Spiegelpalast Bon Vivant’ in Neustadt an der Weinstraße offers a more relaxed way to enjoy a glass. It runs from 1 to 14 October and is located at the German Wine Road. A great day to check this festival out is 13 October, as the big vintner procession to celebrate the harvest takes place then. From Neustadt, you can pretty much head straight to Landau, which is only a short 20-minute drive away. From 17