Discover Germany, Issue 78, September 2019

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Tehran Airport competition entry: The modular roof canopy is designed based on the Iranian architecture heritage. © HADI TEHERANI ARCHITECTS, rendered by Panoptikon

Design that is both functional and unique At Hadi Teherani, architecture and design have merged seamlessly and fruitfully for decades. The Tehran-born Hamburger continues to bring to life functional, futuristic and atmospheric interpretations, from door handle through to an entire airport.

complex approach: each detail refers to the vision of the whole.


“Everything is part of the whole, from concept to art direction and communication design through to the graphical presentation. This holistic approach concerns

“The design is already present – you only have to distill it from the constellation of assignment and setting,” states the architect. To him, the frame conditions are the decisive factor: “Other than in the free arts, architects need to stick to the specifications of the task. Creation can only develop from the functionality of the concept.” The architect, who has lived in Hamburg since his first school year, studied in Braunschweig and then further developed his craft at the Cologne-based 76  |  Issue 78  |  September 2019

Joachim Schürmann office, where he filled his creative “tool box” as he calls it – the basic equipment which he still uses today. His modernist, ‘Bauhaus’-influenced approach creates a formal language that embraces both the exterior and the interior. It is this exact formal language that his clients respond to with enthusiasm. Today, Hadi Teherani unites architecture, interior and product design under one roof. The remedy for success behind this

Cultural rediscovery

Hadi Teherani. Photo: © Roger Mandt, Berlin