Discover Germany, Issue 73, April 2019

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Every project 1,000 emotions, every client a new adventure atelier AMC sa architecture management consulting, based in Lugano, Switzerland, has more than ten years of experience in developing unique architecture that works with the surrounding territory, while reflecting the users’ very individual needs. The architects accompany every step: from the first idea to the finished building. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN   |  PHOTOS: ATELIER AMC

Knowledge is at the beginning of each new project: “Everything starts with some research about the territory as well as the client,” says Michele Moser, atelier AMC founder and CEO. Someone building a new family home has other needs than a developer looking for a profitable investment and with their special skill-set, architects can satisfy those needs through balancing creativity and function. ‘Ville Corognola’ is a double villa made of raw concrete, which gives the building the appearance of a rock emerging from the ground. atelier AMC works with the territory and not simply on it: every line drawn changes the territory, and every ac-

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tion has to work with what is already there. An architect has to know the landscape, the position of the sun and the shades created by the surrounding landscape. ‘Crossover’ is a residential building at the north entrance to Lugano. “The sharp edges are designed to be both functional and sculptural,” says Moser. “In fact, the

Villa Corognola, Vira Gambarogno TI.

residential area has large, south-facing windows, offering panoramic views of Lake Ceresio, while the offices occupy the northern and central part of the building.” Both buildings have become iconic for atelier AMC. “Indeed, a lot of people recognise us for these buildings.”

Michele Moser, CEO atelier AMC SA.