Discover Germany, Issue 72, March 2019

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troniTAG: The next level of electronic shelf-labelling troniTAG GmbH, headquartered in Germany and founded in 2014, analyses customers’ individual requirements and offers tailor-made solutions worldwide − from retail to large supermarkets and department stores. The firm originated out of VKF Renzel GmbH, one of the world’s largest distributors and manufacturers of widespread sales advertising products, with 35 years of business success. TEXT: ELISABETH DOEHNE  |  PHOTOS: TRONITAG GMBH troniTAG special freezer label.

Digital information can reflect changes in price or product information much faster and without much effort. From retail stores to gastronomy, logistics warehouses and other industries, the versatile electronic information labels have already replaced the more traditional paper tags in many spaces. Making this transition from traditional paper to technology is at the core of troniTAG’s business objective. The firm, with roots in North Rhine-Westphalia, is one of the leading suppliers of electronic shelf-labels today. The labels are based on

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ePaper technology, and fonts, numbers and logos are displayed. All digital labels use energy-saving methods and can be read in any kind of light. The batteries of the labels last for about five years. “Being in tune with the customers’ needs and working on constant improvements and developments are our priorities,” explains troniTAG’s managing director Dirk Welsch. “We are excited about working with customers and small, medium-sized and large partners, to help them implement our modern and technology-based label systems.”

VKF Renzel digital signage.