Discover Germany, Issue 69, December 2018

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Proof of delivery.

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Are you safe?! Did you know that unencrypted emails can be read? Do you trust the email file, though senders or recipients can manipulate emails and change them without leaving traces? Does your company send important business data and personal information by email? Do you send your business emails securely and verifiably? Many businesspeople ask themselves these questions. One of the decisive factors for this was the effectiveness of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But why is it only now that intensive thought is being given to making digital business communication secure and verifiable? How many years have we been sending contracts and sensitive business data around the world without any additional protection? Fortunately, nothing has happened so far... GDPR and data protection The GDPR was the trigger for a rethinking in people’s minds. IT departments, managers and CEOs now have to deal with data protection and security. Totally new terrain for many of them. The fear of hurdles in the technical implementation and the low acceptance by senders and receivers is high. However, it is necessary to deal with these issues in order to be able to behave 82  |  Issue 69  |  December 2018

and communicate in compliance with law. By disregarding the regulations, companies face penalties of up to 20 million euros. Be safe. Email encryption is a difficult issue for many people. The fear that business partners cannot receive encrypted emails or cannot open them is especially high. Keep in mind: the right solution depends on the acceptance of your business partner. Solutions that require the recipient to click on links or ask the recipient to open an account are not suitable and too complex for daily work. Be verifiably safe. One way to ensure being verifiably safe is with Frama RMail. Frama RMail focuses on two things: an auditable proof of delivery for the sender (compliant with data protection regulations) as well as the recipient experience. Frama RMail works with any


email provider and does not require any technical knowledge on the recipient’s part. Send and receive – it is as simple as that. In addition to RMail, Frama also offers many other services related to business correspondence (letter, email, archiving) and data protection. Email encryption.

Encrypted dispatch directly out of Outlook.