Discover Germany, Issue 68, November 2018

Page 48

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For better medical care What would a hospital look like were it solely about the patients and their health? We think there is a very clear answer to that: You need the best doctors and the best medical technology. Plus, a new, smart way of cooperation between the attending doctors, i.e., working together instead of next to each other is called for, including a multidisciplinary approach. In the MEDIZINICUM, an interdisciplinary hospital and group practice in Hamburg, experienced and renowned doctors from more than 20 medical disciplines therefore work closely together in the interest of you, the patient. This allows for precise clinical diagnostics, immediately followed by personalised treatments. However, a patient’s well-being is about more than just the best possible treatment. The MEDIZINICUM offers attentive staff and a relaxed surrounding. In a nutshell, it wants to treat you better on every level; medically and as humans. 48  |  Issue 68  |  November 2018

Focus on prevention: MEDIZINICUM health check-ups Prevention of illnesses, respectively early diagnosis of abnormal processes to be able to start, if necessary, the required treatment as soon as possible, is always the top priority. The MEDIZINICUM offers personalised check-up programmes to maintain your health long-term. In this context, the hospital is known for outstanding medical expertise and top performance. Its three programmes (basic check-up, complete check-up, complete check-up plus) are very flexible and can be customised according to personal requirements, including further add-ons. Health check-ups that fit in with everyday life Numerous private and professional considerations and obligations often limit the time you have available for yourself. The

MEDIZINICUM, therefore, offers a professionally organised check-up in our modern and tastefully furnished premises in one day only, with relaxing surroundings included. Health check-up process It all starts with an in-depth conversation with a consultant (German Facharzt) to gather all the necessary information about your medical history, lifestyle and general health. This is followed by examinations that are specifically tailored to your requirements while always deploying state-of-theart medical technology. Towards the end of the day, all the results will be presented and explained to you. Based on the diagnosis, you will also be provided with detailed advice on how to maintain and improve your health in everyday life. Welcome to the MEDIZINICUM, right in the heart of Hamburg in a beautiful historic building. Its team looks forward to seeing you!