Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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Ernst Blissenbach.


Ernst Blissenbach Gmbh Hidden champion and pacemaker in the market Discover the secret of the success behind the global market leader Ernst Blissenbach from Remscheid, who has been shaping and stabilising his market segment through courage and innovation. TEXT: ERNST BLISSENBACH GMBH  I  PHOTOS: PAUL LECLAIRE

In an age of prefabricated media idols, it is a stroke of luck to find inspiring role models in real life. They have relatable faces and are closer to real life without having to be perfect in every little detail. Maybe that is exactly why these role models inspire us and open up new horizons? One of these personalities is most definitely the ‘Hidden Champion’, Ernst Blissenbach – world market leader for the most innovative system for the inside tube scarfing of longitudinally welded pipes. A system with zero reject rate. Precision steel pipes produced with his technology are equally as in demand in the automobile and electromobility industry, as well as for use as heat-exchange pipes 86  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

in solar power stations. In a nutshell: Blissenbach supports you with maximum performance. He is an intriguing entrepreneur who has achieved great things over the years with his innovations, combined with a high degree of empathy. What sets him apart is that he has a 15-year lead on the competition, dynamically shaping the future market from his pole position. On top of it, he is a successful ‘Free-Ager’, who proves – as the head of a high-tech company – that age is not a problem, but instead, provides stability and continuity for customers and staff and has to be seen as a means of emancipation for our economy.

“We keep reinventing ourselves – again and again. That is what turns us into a benchmark,” says Ernst Blissenbach. In 2015 and 2017, the company was awarded the innovation award TOP-100, which honours the most innovative of Germany‘s small and medium-sized enterprises. And in 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2018, it received the INDUSTRIEPREIS awarded by the Huber Verlag. Ernst Blissenbach was also the recipient of the ‘Reinhard and Max Mannesmann Innovation Award’ in 2016, and in April 2018, was honoured in a special exhibition entitled: Looking the Bergische Land in the Eye, at the Deutsches Werkzeugmuseum in Remscheid. “A presentation on the most exceptional personalities of the Bergische Land,” Ernst Blissenbach adds softly, takes a deep breath and then flashes a mischievous smile that almost makes one think that he was about to reveal which prestigious award he will strive for next.