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Left: Katharina Hovman. Photo: © Michael Korte Right: Summer dress azur, Model Laura.


TRAVELBLOUSE by Katharina Hovman:

Perfect for travel, or for everyday elegance Ultralight and made from airy micro taffeta, it dries quickly and with no ironing required. Designed as fashion that is suitable to take in your carry-on luggage, it is also easy to pair with most items from your wardrobe. Perfect for globetrotting, business, dinner, or for anything fun. World fashion designed in Hamburg. Casual and elegant – that describes the TRAVELBLOUSE by Katharina Hovman best. It is an item you never want to forget packing into your suitcase. And as the name suggests, that is exactly what the TRAVELBLOUSE is made for. “The secret is the material,”reveals designer Katharina Hovman.“The fabric is ultralight, spun from the finest possible fibres – woven and refined in Italy. The airy micro taffeta is presented in a great variety of styles and catches the eye with the most beautiful colours, with a colour palette especially developed for this purpose. The fabric dries in no time and the memory effect of the soft wrinkles makes ironing unnecessary.” 8  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

That means you can simply take the pretty blouse out of your suitcase and you are good to go. No wonder then, that it has quickly become a firm favourite among those who have already purchased one. The fashion line is straightforward and yet very versatile, so it might just be hard to resist buying another blouse for your next journey. Not just many trendy colours, but also a vast range of looks are represented in the TRAVELBLOUSE line. Indeed, a difficult choice is to be made! Above all, Katharina Hovman’s style is both purist and feminine. “The design surprises with its simplicity and merges extravaganza with understatement,” explains the design-

er. “Not just for special occasions, but deliberately designed for everyday wear too. In order to achieve the clear style of the collection, high-quality fabrics and materials, as well as top craftsmanship, are both absolutely key.” Since its early days in 1992, the label Katharina Hovman has established itself firmly in the international fashion industry, thanks to high quality, value and consistency. The demand for its items always goes far beyond the current seasons. If any of the above sounds like it might be up your street, it is well worth your time to browse through the collections in either the online shop, or directly at Katharina Hovman’s flagship shop in Hamburg. Many selected shops across the globe also stock the label too – from the U.S.A and Canada, to Italy, Switzerland and Austria.