Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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Top: The GMX 936 SBHV offers maximum user-friendliness and highest aesthetics in the kitchen. Bottom: Food always stays fresh in the InstaView Door-in-Door and can be stored individually through the foldable shelves and additional storage space.


LG redesigns the kitchen experience This year, LG Electronics expands its successful InstaView Door-in-Door line-up in Germany with yet another model: the InstaView Door-in-Door GMX 936 SHBV with multi-door concept and glass panel for an energy-efficient instant look inside. The all-round fridge for modern households impresses with innovative functions and an outstanding design, while meeting consumer needs in the premium lifestyle sector. A fridge that combines maximum functionality and aesthetics? LG makes it possible with the InstaView Multi-Door GMX 936 SHBV with Door-in-Door technology. The device is made out of glossy black stainless steel, which conveys elegance in every kitchen while impressing with many user-friendly features, which make life easier and keep food in top condition. InstaView models from previous years have become popular due to their innovative glass panels with practical knock-on function. The new GMX 936 SHBV model now additionally offers consumers the smart division of cooling in the upper section and freezing in the fridge’s lower section. Thus, brings an all-round device for modern households to the market. It proves to be quite useful that one can access the new fridge with multi-door 14  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

concept via four doors. Additionally, the GMX 936 SHBV impresses with a mirrored glass panel, which illuminates the interior when somebody knocks twice, and offers an energy-efficient and comfortable look inside without opening the device’s door. Through this, less cold air escapes when opening the fridge and food stays fresh for longer. Furthermore, the door shelves are easily accessible with a ‘hidden button’ under the fridge door, which further reduces the loss of cold air. In its interior, the large InstaView Door-inDoor offers extra storage space for highest flexibility and comfort: consumers can use the space more creatively through folding shelves, which can be folded in and out as needed. The additional storage spaces at the bottom of the fridge are also very practical. Further innovations are: the Slim

Spaceplus Ice System on the door, which offers ice cubes and more storage space in the fridge; the Pure N Fresh System, which eliminates unpleasant odours on the inside; and the Moist Balance Crisper, which maintains the right moisture balance in the fridge. For around 60 years, LG has brought innovations to the market, which continuously and authentically address customer needs. And it is exactly this corporate principle that can also be seen in the InstaView Door-in-Door GMX 936 SHBV.