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Virtual meeting at dormakaba.

Game changer SOLID WHITE stands for modular and virtual solutions that make use of the latest in technological development. The agency’s unique quality lies in the art of combination. As committed communication designers, the team have a great passion for digital games and strive to use their knowledge in the field to create extraordinary presentation schemes. A game studio at heart, they strongly believe in immersion and the power of presentation. The result is scalable solutions that put their clients one step ahead. Ever since their beginnings in 2008, the core team at SOLID WHITE have put games technology to use for other areas, like architecture and marketing. It took some convincing work and a scholarship for the agency to start out, but after the first awards were bagged, the team’s accumulated know-how of both technology and content was ready to be translated into the trademark SOLID WHITE modular solutions. 108  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

Virtual corporate spaces As a future-orientated digital agency, SOLID WHITE foster virtual reality solutions and interactive brand experiences. Their focus is on 3D worlds that they develop as apps or interactive exhibits for diverse platforms. Since 2009, SOLID WHITE have been one of the leading agencies in this field and with their Virtual Corporate Spaces scheme VISPA, they now enable a collaborative brand experience, designed for desktop, mobile device and virtual reality headset. Creative director and co-owner Christian von Bock lays out the agency’s vision: “We are convinced that in the future, any company will have its own virtual space, where meetings, developments, sales and even training will take place. This development is in its early stages but with our VISPA solu-


tion, we have already prepared the ground.” SOLID WHITE clients enjoy futureorientated solutions which put them one step ahead. Their client-list includes marketing managers, business developers and sales managers of larger firms, as well as entrepreneurs who look for new ways of interactive, cross-linked presentation and communication. For the immediate future, the agency team will keep perfecting VISPA for their clients, as well as pushing the field of virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) for multi-users. dormakaba Virtual Design Center – interior.