Discover Germany, Issue 63, June 2018

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A classic look in the past - in the meantime, Feuerhand’s lanterns come in many individual colours.

Happy Birthday, Feuerhand!

125 years of burning passion, craftsmanship and innovation The absolute legendary brand Feuerhand, which is behind the timeless and iconic Hurricane kerosene lamps with fireproof borosilicate glass, celebrates its 125th anniversary with a limited anniversary edition: their Hurricane Lantern Baby Special 276 in Pearl Gold.

iously simple design and the automated production promoted the success of the Nier brothers. In the 1930‘s, Feuerhand supplied a large part of the world‘s need.”


In 2014, the two young entrepreneurs Dr. Pia and Jonas Taureck acquired the trademark and began to revive and manufacture the legendary lantern again, as part of the Petromax group in Magdeburg and hence managed to keep up this skilful tradition made in Germany. Merging tradition with innovation and quality whilst never stopping to follow their own instincts can be seen as the Taurecks’ successful credo.

It was 125 years ago when the engineers Herman and Ernst Nier established a small manufactory for kerosene hurricane lanterns in Saxony’s Beierfeld. “That was the birth of the legendary Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern which, thanks to its classic design and warm, safe light, was part of people‘s everyday life for many decades,” explains today’s Feuerhand manufacturer Dr. Pia Taureck. Through tremendous innovative drive back in the day, the Nier brothers managed to develop a highly engineered product 28  |  Issue 63  |  June 2018

which would revolutionise the hurricane lamp scene and simply change the game throughout. To this day, the Hurricane Lantern Baby Special 276 is fabricated in the highest quality and in many individual colours in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. “Herman and Ernst Nier created a product which became an integral part of everyday life: Whether in the stable and on the field, in the garden, on the construction site, in traffic and on high seas, the classic lamp – sold a million times over – provided a warm, reliable and safe light. The ingen-

To celebrate the anniversary in style, Feuerhand has designed a limited edition of the Hurricane Lantern Baby Special 276 in a lovely pearl gold colour. The handy lamp is as simple as it is versatile in use. It