Discover Germany, Issue 61, April 2018

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More than just liqueur The Ingwerer is as full of personality as its Swiss inventor, Philip ‘Peppe’ Jenzer and his business partner Simon Borchardt. The handmade ginger liqueur and the ginger gin liqueur, Gingwerer, feature a unique full flavour and are wonderfully intense. The ginger liqueur was almost invented by chance says Philip Jenzer, or ‘Peppe’ for short. At a friend’s house he tried a ginger liqueur but did not like it very much. Hence he started experimenting until he finally developed his own ginger liqueur with the full taste he so desired. Simon Borchardt remembers: “When I tried the very first sip of the Ingwerer back in Philip’s private kitchen in 2013, I was absolutely amazed by its unique flavour and became an Ingwerer fan right away. Admittedly I never had a thing for Asian roots such as ginger but I always loved interesting spirits. I was shocked to learn that Philip wanted to stop the production. That’s why I offered to come on board.” Since then, the Ingwerer has become a huge success. The Ingwerer and Gingwerer 26  |  Issue 61  |  April 2018

are both made by hand with great care and love. The taste is surprisingly full and natural. Philip Jenzer says:“We use fresh organic produce and never work with powdered or replacement products. We also take the time, concentration and focus our handmade spirits need, and in my opinion you can taste that. Although every bottle might seem the same, they are all different.” “Our liqueurs are not just sweet but have a fuller overall taste than you might expect from liqueur. The taste goes from mildly sweet to an intense spiciness and a slight sourness,” Simon Borchardt adds. “Every single ginger tuber is checked for bad parts and then cut by hand. Each barrel is tasted individually and every label is put on by hand. I think if you want to produce a great product you have to dedicate the necessary time to it.”


A visit to the production kitchens in Bern, Berlin or Vienna comes highly recommended. There you can watch how the liqueurs are made and have a little glass or two. Of course, the liqueurs can also be enjoyed at selected restaurants or ordered directly online. With their move to bigger premises and further expansion internationally, the Ingwerer creators are excited about what adventures await them and their liqueurs next.