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For many years - packaging design for Rocher from Ferrero.

Worldwide and holistic - The new corporate design for SKODA. Photo: © Tom Wheatley

Three design generations packaging design for Capri-Sun.


Think smart, create iconic! Similar to a company’s corporate design, unique packaging can be critical for the success of a product. Both designs are the result of in-depth research, knowledge, passion and creativity - skills which Syndicate Design AG/Hamburg combines to perfection. When Sven Alt, Lukas Eichenberg and Heiko Hinrichs, students of design and marketing respectively, met in 1992 they had no idea of the successful journey they were going to embark on. “Entirely disappointed by the, in our eyes, boring and standardised design of consumer goods’ packaging, the three of us decided to take matters in our own hands. We became what you may call a ‘kitchen start up’ – a term which is to be understood literally as we indeed used to work from the kitchen in our Hamburg flat,” recounts Sven Alt, one of the founding members of Syndicate Design AG/Hamburg, the company’s beginnings 25 years ago. While Syndicate Design AG/Hamburg initially focused on the design of packaging the three owners quickly conceived that their knowledge and inspiration was also needed on a much wider scale. “In 62  |  Issue 58  |  January 2018

the discussions with our clients we realised that they often lacked an iconic design idea that would holistically represent their products or services. This is why we gradually expanded our services to shop as well as corporate designs,” explains Alt the company’s development. In a world of growing complexity, Syndicate´s team of 65 designers, architects, strategists and consultants aims at simplicity and a strategic approach. An attitude which has convinced big players like Gebr. Heinemann, Ferrero, Conoco/ Philips, Sennheiser und Skoda, but also smaller companies like Louis Widmer to engage Syndicate’s services. “With our broad scale of services that encompass the design and realisation of packaging and shops but also corporate design, Syndicate Design AG is extreme-

ly well positioned. Another advantage remains a very close and long term relationship with our clients. Just recently, for example, we introduced our creative workshop ‘Cookery’. We converted an entire office floor into a kitchen and now hold joint cooking sessions with our customers. These sessions are a great inspirational force which allow us to enter into a productive brainstorming process from which we jointly develop ideas and strategies for their respective business issues,” Alt illustrates the recipe for Syndicate’s inspirational ideation process.

A new brand design for Jet petrol stations.

Profile for Scan Client Publishing

Discover Germany, Issue 58, January 2018  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 58, January 2018  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.