Discover Germany, Issue 57, December 2017

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Hurray for happy babies and parents! New parents are often faced by essential questions or problems they have never been faced with before. What do we do if our baby doesn’t want to sleep? Which carrier is the best for the requirements of our family? NONOMO® and Fidella® have found solutions that help both parents and babies. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: NONOMELLA GMBH

When Angela and Robin Koszewa became parents, they found themselves in a dilemma, namely how to sensibly balance their time between work and their roles as new parents.“The Koszewas soon realised that the means available on the market did not fully match their requirements. They thus refined the cradle they had bought so that it would grant them the freedom of moving freely while still being able to watch their offspring. Their idea caught on and in a short time they realised that there was indeed a considerable demand for their invention. In 2010, the Koszewas established NONOMO® and in 2013 Fidella®, a company that produces high-quality baby wraps, slings and carrier systems followed suit. The rest is history,” recounts Katrin Funke, CEO at 8  |  Issue 57  |  December 2017

Nonomella GmbH, the umbrella organisation under which NONOMO® and Fidella® trade today. Baby hammocks by NONOMO® – because it works! Well-rested babies mean well-rested parents! Parents with restless babies will be pleased to hear about baby hammocks by NONOMO® that will help their baby to find sleep at last.“NONOMO® baby hammocks represent the most natural way of lying. The soft mattress, which is filled with natural sheep’s wool, easily adapts to the baby’s body, and the mattress and the cloth snugly engulf the baby like a cocoon. That and a special contraption that not only allows light sideward but also up and downward movements imitate the safety

of a mother’s womb and soothe the baby – which is particularly important for restless babies,” explains Funke. Baby hammocks by NONOMO® come in a variety of stylish designs and are strikingly mobile. “One of the main reasons the Koszewas invented the baby hammock was the freedom of movement. NONOMO® baby hammocks are mobile and can easily be mounted to the ceiling, a doorframe, or a specially designed wooden stand, and thus give the parent not only an optimum of freedom of movement, e.g. to fix dinner while still keeping a watchful eye over the baby, but also the freedom to take the hammock on travels thus granting the baby a soothing haven wherever it is taken,” elaborates Funke on the usefulness of the baby hammocks. Fidella® – stay close, feel free! Baby wraps allows the baby and its carrier to form a close emotional bond. While in the 1980s baby wraps were still a novelty and often sneered at, their advantages