Discover Germany, Issue 57, December 2017

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Inside of the sound

The Sonic Chair unites eye-catching design with digital privacy Once you are in it, you are into it: The Sonic Chair takes you to a private space that can be used either productively, or for recreation. The form suggests cocooning while also allowing an ‘all-round’ sound experience. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  I  PHOTOS: DESIGNATICS PRODUCTION GMBH

Inside of the Sonic Chair, people are optically and visually withdrawn from their surroundings on the spot. Thus, they can either connect to their private data and work, listen to music, watch a video, or simply relax. Private concert hall, home cinema or work space The ‘absolute’ sound range, a wholesome experience of hearing and feeling the sound, allows to listen to your favorite music within your own four walls in perfection 24  |  Issue 57  |  December 2017

without disturbing others. Enjoy movies or music in high level sound quality – as if you are part of a live event. Connect your laptop or use the iMac with touchscreen (a unique Sonic Chair feature) and create your own impromptu workspace. Design asset and multimedia station rolled into one Sonic Chairs are found in public spaces such as lounges or airport waiting areas, as well as in libraries, reading areas or

at trade fairs or exhibition spaces. Even in a shop or salesroom, the Sonic Chair will play a dual role as eye-catcher and multimedia furniture item. The pleasant, comfortable and inviting design attracts people immediately – and its combination with first class high digital technology has won the creators the Red Dot Design Award. The chair impressed the jury “not only with its shapely design, but also with its unique functions” and was described as “an entire hi-fi system, integrated in a hemispherical armchair”. How it works The design of the chair allows you to sit right at the centre of the sound. Every acoustic source is optimally adjusted to