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meroVinger Audio Systeme:

Dedicated to the perfect sound Sound quality can differ massively depending on what audio system you use. At meroVinger Audio Systeme one thing is clear: the sound takes priority. The team behind the German company consists of sound lovers and together they manufacture audio systems which bring you that special kind of sound. Sound enthusiasts know that a top-quality sound system makes all the difference. So, what could be better than audio systems designed by true sound lovers themselves? Spokesperson Peter Werner says: “Our goal has always been to build speakers using DSP technology that shift boundaries. In that regard our servo subwoofers and design-series are very significant. Slim pillars, capable of full-range reproduction and woofers that reproduce bass linear down to 15Hz with dramatically reduced distortion. For me the special challenge is to design systems that remain as neutral as possible but achieve a certain sound quality, which personally convinces the customer.”


simply says it all: “Mister Werner, I had no idea that bass could sound that incredible.”

meroVinger manufactures a wide range of systems from top-quality coaxial monitors, (servo-)controlled high-end subwoofers and high-end subwoofer satellite systems to DSP power amplifiers. A speciality is the custom-made option. At meroVinger anything is possible and the team is happy to take on any challenge. They thrive on letting their creativity take over and create sound solutions for customers’ special requirements. At meroVinger customers value quality and individuality. It is also possible to customise already existing systems with meroVinger’s own bass control. There is one sentence that Peter Werner often hears from customers which

Comfortable shearing at home The Wahl Clipper Corporation, an American company, was founded back in 1919, right after the first electric hair clipper was invented by Leo J. Wahl. The German branch was established in 1946 under the name Kuno Moser, and in the seventies the company produced the first animal hair clipper, the MOSER® Rex. TEXT: INA FRANK

“Nowadays, MOSER® Animalline is THE brand for discerning animal hair clippers that are used at the master’s home,” Damaris Höld, product manager for animal goods, tells us. Not for nothing, the brand has been honoured with the Brand of the Year Award 2017/2018 in the category Grooming Products – Trimmer Germany. “We offer a wide range of animal hair clippers, either with a battery or with a cable, for fur shearing at home and many extras for grooming. All of the MOSER® animal hair clippers and cutting heads are developed and produced in Germany. They are exported to 60 different countries,” Höld explains. 18  |  Issue 57  |  December 2017

Interested customers can find MOSER®’s products in pet shops. It is no problem if customers would like to switch the clippers on in the shop, sometimes the clippers can even be tested. More information is given by skilled personnel. Höld sums it up: “Our complete grooming

package combined with excellent advice and quality is what makes us different from other companies.” However, the company does not rest on its laurels. Next to the hair clippers MOSER® wants to offer customers a wide range of grooming extras. The newest products are the MOSER® premium slicker brush and a dry shampoo, which are both perfectly suitable for preparing the shearing. There is more to come in 2018 - “customers can certainly look forward to it,” Höld says.

Products. Photo: © MOSER®

The Brand of the Year Award. Photo: © World Branding Awards